Spiritpainting - "The Art of Healing"


Spiritpainting® is a method of Art and Creative Expression developed by Jennifer 'Lightwolf' Jones.

Lightwolf defines 'spirit' as being the spiritual aspect of our of Being. We also have mental, physical, emotional. Our Highest Consciousness is named as many different names and is perhaps even un-nable. Very simply, when Spiritpainting®, Lightwolf asks and, with reverence, prays for the highest good and for the good of all concerned. The abstact paintings that result are done like Rorschache inkblots except using water based paints. Intention is everything.


Spiritpainting® is inspiring and playful and helps to increase spontenaity. It is a simple method of Creative Expression that does not require any previous formal art training.




  • Easy to Learn
  • Feeling Inspired
  • Feeling Lighter
  • Useful leisure tool for Addiction or other Recovery
  • A form of  therapeutic Energy from using the colors 
  • Accessing the Playful Child within
  • Healing old negative messages about Creative Arts
  • Care for the Caregiver- Helps to Prevent Compassion Fatigue through Self Care when doing for self
  • Healthy Family activity
  • Therapeutic Group activity
  • Useful as a fundraising activity
  • Increasing spontenaity
  • Helping Trauma victims have a safe way to connect with themselves and others
  • Helps integrate Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotional Well Being
  • Learn to have more fun!

Some say they have experienced some inner healing from viewing Lightwolf's spiritpaintings. This may be because they have helped to reveal their internalized polarities or disowned aspects. Any type of therapy that integrates opposites and the right and left brain functions can be a healing experience. In the process of a Spiritpainting® session the right brain is active when we are painting and then afterward when we are verbalizing what we see in the abstract expressions, the left side is active. this helps to strengthen positive pathways.


Each creation is a surprise and open to individual interpretation. They are not retouched after the folding thus the painter cannot totally control the outcome. 

The painter aligns the will of their ego with their Highest Power (whatever that is for them) which allows their creative spirit to be expressed. 


If you would like to see more Spirtpaintings® painted by Lightwolf then click on "Galleries"   




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