Spiritpainting® is a method of Spirit Painting developed by Jennifer 'Lightwolf' Jones. Lightwolf allows Spirit to manifest messages via the system of spiritual symbology. As the Mystery Unfolds we are humbled by the Divine Gifts of the Creator's Helping Spirits.       

Healing Dove - Holy Spirit

               "Healing Dove" by Lightwolf is a symbolic representation of the "Holy Spirit"




When people use this spontaneous and mysterious method, they report that they experience a direct connection to their creative spirit. People from all spiritual practices  enjoy Spiritpainting®. One does not need any previous art experience to do it!  It does help to have an open mind and some experience with meditation.


Spiritpainting® is done while meditating with the intention of healing and for ‘the good of all concerned.’ The messages then are revealed by the interpretaion of the colours, symbols and their positioning in relation to each other. Some say they have experienced a healing from viewing a spiritpainting.


Spiritpainting® is a versatile art form. Enhanced by a meditative state, Jen applies water based paint to paper and folds it and asks for guidance. Each creation is a surprise and open to individual interpretation. They are not retouched after the folding thus the painter cannot totally control the outcome. This method enables the painter to bypass the will of the ego which allows their Spirit to shine through and to be transferred to the canvas or paper. Some call it Quantum Mechanics. People have reported that non-coincidental symbolic images have been revealed that have meaning for the person that the painting is intended.   


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