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Comissioned Spiritpainting

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Treat yourself to an original Spiritpainting by Lightwolf which is devoted to you.  Lightwolf will complete a Spiritpainting® for you with your informed consent and then interpret the meaning according to her method using the chakra system of the ancients.  Previous recipients have been delighted and surprised at the mysterious manifestation of symbols. Some have reported they appreciate that they feel their true self is mirrored in the paintings. Spiritual meanings are revealed.


size: 11"x 14"

medium: Acrylic paint on paper (and of course the Spirit element)

Cost: $by donation plus Sh&H

Shipping and Handling costs:  shipping usually is about approximately $25.00. The exact amount will be determined according to your region by your postal delivery system. Shipped in a tube

If you would like an intuitive reading of your painting that is an additional cost of Donation only.