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Healing Dove Print

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12 x 15" Approximately Print -signed




The Healing Dove represents one of the many variations of spiritual symbolism that manifest in Lightwolf's Spiritpainting.

White Dove: The white dove is
is a transpersonal and universal symbol of peace. Many people see the white dove as being a symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit.

Blue-Green: In this painting the Blue Green represents a lot of Self-Love being beneficial at this time. Blue-Green is the colour of the High Heart and the thymus gland where the immune system is in need of a boost. The Bluebird of happiness and the trickster is also represented. 

The elements of Air and Water and Fire join to form Mist: The mist, which symbolizes the ‘mystique’ of this painting. The ‘trickster’ archetype which is shown in the painting behind the Holy Spirit shows us that we are not in control of everthing, god is in control.  The trickster in the mist represents The Hidden forbidden secrets. It is important to note that the Holy spiritis in front and is ot be the focus in our lives.The message is to accept this Universal Truth of our lives when our Divine Presence reminds us that we must accept things that are not in our control.