Painting that connects to your soul
Certificate Requirements


  Spiritpainting® Certificate Requirements

Prerequisites: an open mind and an ability to follow instructions
For Distances Education option you will send your jpegs and communications by email and also converse by telephone if needed


Basic Spiritpainting® Certificate Requirements:

To complete the Basic Spiritpainting® you will complete one of each of the Four types:

  1. Healing Color Spiritpainting®

  2. Chakra Spiritpainting®

  3. Polarity Spiritpainting®

  4. Mandala Spiritpainting®

You must also show that you have stretched them flat using the blue or green painter’s tape method. If doing this at home, read through the manual up to and including the Supplies list and watch the DVD section up to the Supplies Section, before beginning to paint.

Play the meditation from the DVD or from the CD before you paint.

Show each of your Four Spiritpainting® types and tell me what you see while using the Chakra System of interpretation. Include any messages, thoughts feelings or general sense you notice for each. This may be as brief or as long as is needed.

After you have completed these requirements of the Basic Level, you will receive your Basic Spiritpainting® Certificate, by email. (If you require a mailed copy then there is an extra charge, see the website.)

When you have completed these requirements, you are ready to do the Advanced/Practitioner Spiritpainting® Level.


Advanced/Practitioner Spiritpainting® Requirements Prerequisite: Basic Level Certificate

Note: Purchase the extra supplies from the list of extra paints in the manual.

Learning to use Canvas Gallery Wrap Method with Spiritpaintings®:

  1. Complete at least one canvas Spiritpainting® stretched over stretcher bars by following the instructions in the manual and DVD.

  2. Send jpegs of the front and close-ups of back and corners of the finished painting.

Learning to do the Practitioner Spiritpaintings® for others:

You must read, understand and Sign the Agreements (attached) and email to me and keep a copy prior to being given the Certificate. This is done if you choose to use the Spiritpainting® registered trademark in your practice. There is usually some back and forth instructions by email or Skype during the whole process.

  1. First, ask permission to do a Spiritpainting® for someone by getting informed consent as instructed.

  2. Complete a Spiritpainting® for someone else by following the instructions in the manual and DVD.

  3. Write out and send your interpretations using the Chakra system as a guide to the meanings. This can be done by jpegs sent by email only or using a combination of jpegs and Skype or telephone (you will call me)

After you have completed these requirements of the Advanced/Practitioner Level, you will receive your Advanced/Practitioner Spiritpainting® Certificate by email (extra charge for sending by postal service). You are ready to go to the Instructor Level.


Instructor Spiritpainting® Certificate Requirements: Prerequisites: Basic, and Advanced/Practitioner Certificates

The student needs to practice each type of Spiritpainting®, prior to teaching the method, so that they are very familiar with it so they are confident enough to teach on their own.

To complete this training they will need to:

  1. Prepare a lesson plan and workshop outline.

  2. In a recorded video file or downloadable files, play the music from the cd or use their own guided meditation.

  3. Demonstrate four types of Spiritpainting® (Healing Color, Chakra, Mandala, and Polarity), using the green or blue painter's tape method of stretching. If in a class training situation, the instructor will say a particular type of painting to demonstrate, including the meditation, the painting, the stretching, and the leading of the interpretation. Usually, this decision will be based on a portion of the method in which the student may require more practice.

    If only one person is taking their Instructor Level, they may book a date to assist the Instructor and have a chance to demonstrate in an actual Spiritpainting® workshop. Any combination of these opportunities can be arranged towards the goal of the student having the confidence in being a Spiritpainting® Instructor, independently.

Upon graduation of the Instructor Level, the graduate will be sent by email their certificates and your templates, in PDF format, for the things you need to give a workshop: Basic and Advanced/Practitioner Certificate Templates, Agreements Template, and Evaluation Form Template.

For Instructors: The manuals including DVDs and CDs may be purchased from, using quantity prices and resell them to their students.

When giving an Introductory Spiritpainting® workshop of about 3 hr., Certificates are not provided.

Alternatively, your students may order the Instruction Manuals and products directly from which are also available for downloading.

The Spiritpainting® Instructor Certificate will be emailed or sent by postal service (extra charge)