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Spiritpainting®  - the method developed by Shamanwoman

Jennifer "Lightwolf" Jones 




"Thoth" - Spiritpainting® by  Lightwolf *



"The most beautiful thing we can experience is

                        The Mysterious. 

  It is the source of all true art and science"    

                                                                          Albert  Einstein


     Spirit is the energy permeating all material things. It serves matter in various forms, including the patterns in the method of Lightwolf's Spiritpainting®.  The elements of matter are composed of material things we call atoms or quarks, or whatever the smallest particle is currently named. These are infused with the same energy which is referred to as Spirit, or Akasha, which are referred to in the ancient Tibetan and Upanishad teachings.


Spirit is in everything and everyone. Spirit materializes in an infinite array of forms. Spirit is also manifest in our thoughts and in our actions.

By attuning to the invocation and painting while repeating it, the "Spiritpainter" connects to their Highest Consciousness.

Our Highest Consciousness is named as many different names and perhaps it is unnameable.

When Spiritpainting®, Lightwolf does them with reverence while attuning to her highest guide, for the highest good, and for the good of all concerned.  


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