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 Lightwolf's Definition of Spiritpainting®


Spirit is the energy permeating everything - The All.


The Spirit element serves matter in various forms, and many of these forms are revealed when using the  method of Lightwolf's Spiritpainting®. 


Spiritpainting®  transcends the material realm.  


Matter is composed of molecules or quarks, and these are infused with the vibrational energy which is referred to as the element of Spirit. 

Spirit was named the fifth element, Akasha, which is referenced in the ancient Tibetan and Upanishad teachings. 


Spirit materializes in an infinite array of forms.  


Spirit is also manifested in our thoughts, which then may be transferred into our actions, consciously and also unconsciously. 


The Collective Unconscious, as Carl Jung said, may be understood with the communication that Symbolism provides.  Jennifer "Lightwolf" Jones interprets the symbolic and archetypal meanings that are conveyed in her Spiritpaintings. The meaning can be subjective as with any artform. 

Many that have experienced Jennifer "Lightwolf"s Spiritpaintings® have stated that they provide evidence of Spirit.

Lightwolf has presented many commissioned 

Spiritpaintings®, produced numerous personal and universal Spiritpaintings®; taught workshops, and given exhibitions of work since its Divine inception to her in 1997. 


For the good of all concerned, Lightwolf has  developed this method, with all credit and gratitude to her ineffable Highest Guide.

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