"The most beautiful thing we can experience is The  Mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and  science"                                                                                       Albert Einstein        



 In Lightwolf's Spiritpainting® 

                            What has been revealed?

  • Spirit is the energy permeating all material things.  The Spirit element serves matter in various forms, and many of these forms are revealed when using the  method of Lightwolf's Spiritpainting®.  Elements of matter are composed of material things we call atoms or even quarks. These are infused with the same energy which is referred to as Spirit, or Akasha, which are referenced in the ancient Tibetan and Upanishad teachings.

  • Spirit is in everything and everyone. Since Spirit materializes in an infinite  array of forms,  Spirit is also manifested in our thoughts and which then may be transferred our actions, consciously and also unconsciously.

 Lightwolf has presented hundreds of commissioned  Spiritpaintings®, painted numerous Universal Spiritpaintings.® ,   taught workshops, and given exhibitions of the work since its inception in 1997.