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Artist Statement

Creative acts have the power to transform us.  


By connecting to the Creative Power within, Spiritpainting® unfolds the mysteries.

The paintings themselves, have led me to investigate their meanings, by learning and researching about colour therapy, vibrational healing, iconography, symbology, and quantum theory, to name a few. 


When people ask me "How are they done? Just by folding the paper? Like a Rorschach ink blot?  I respond,  "My modality is different than the inkblots that used for psychological testing.  The individual does their own painting and sees what they need to see and expresses it verbally.  It does not matter what others see in the person's painting; it only matters what the "observer" sees. If someone says they see something in another person's Spiritpainting® then it is usually meant for them, alone. For example, if someone sees angels and another sees devils in the same abstract image of a painting, this is purely subjective and would lead to the observer asking what they make of it.  

The inspirational urge to use this method came to me in 1997. I am infinitely grateful. 


Sometimes it is difficult to put into words what I see, but I can always say what I feel.  I keep going until I get the breathless "Awe".  That is when I know that my painting is done. “


In recent years I have continued using this way of staying in constant contact while painting more abstract and impressionistic Spiritpaintings®, and have great joy in challenging myself to continue to learn and grow.


Love and Gratitude, Jennifer “Lightwolf” Jones

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