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Spiritpainting® Instructional Manuals 



Complete Manual includes videos and one audio recording with instructions, for all the Four Levels: Basic, Advanced, Practitioner, and Instructor, which may be viewed from Dropbox 



  • Four Instructional manuals in PDF format - Basic Spiritpainting®, Advanced, Practitioner and Instructor 

  • Three videos - Basic Spiritpainting®, Advanced Spiritpainting®, Practitioner Spiritpainting®, and 

  • One Audio Meditations CD for Spiritpainting® with 7 tracks included with the Instructor Training.


Cost of the complete  course is $82.00 CAD, tax included, paid by  Paypal invoice or e-transfer.

Please email prior to payment to confirm and arrange the method of payment.








Cost for Each Level  is $28.00 CAD taxes included

Basic, Advanced, Practitioner manuals include an instructional video and the Instructor Level Manual includes a Spiritpainting Meditation audio recording.  

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